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Electronics Parking System (EPS)
For Building Owners looking for Quality Car Park Systems

  • Handle more traffic at an Economical cost – Using License Plate (LPR) and Face Recognition technology. No more exit hold-ups – pay at Kiosk or with Smart Phone App.
  • Keeping up with the trends – Account-Based, QR Scanning and Smart Phone App payments accepted
  • Customizable Services to please your customers – Complimentary/Points Redemption
  • Durable and Reliable – Factory-produced stations as opposed to hand-made; Components follow standardized quality control

Video Parking Guided System (VPGS)
For Building Owners with Large Car Parks

  • Smoother traffic – Helps motorists locate their car or free spot, park and leave quickly; free up more space in crowded Car Parks.
  • Safer Car Parks – VPGS cameras double up for security purposes
  • Ecological and Trendy Design – V-Shaped, 3D Printed Cameras; Ultra-low power environmental E-Paper displays available
  • Flexible ‘playing’ of your Car Park lots – Cordon off zones for VIPs, zoned-based charging all available

Variable Messaging Sign (VMS)
For Public Display of Messages e.g. Large buildings, Highways

  • Not just a plain display screen – Can display multi-color, and some images

Mandai Golf Booking System

  • A whole solution – Providing online booking service for customers and management software for the operator; booking, payment and management all hassle-free and easy.

OurCar.SG App

  • Make parking a pleasant experience – Manage your Season Parking and explore a wide palette of parking-related tools
  • Various functions – Hourly payment, season renewal, ticket redemption, payment history, find-my-car, car park information

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