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New NETS Reader for Singapore Car Parks; replacement for old equipment needed?

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Most Singapore Car Parks accept NETS CashCard as a form of payment. NETS CashCard payment can be made in two ways:

  • Remote deduction of the CashCard inserted into the vehicle’s In-Vehicle Unit (IU) Reader. This requires an Antenna and a Charging Unit (CHU). Car Parks that accept this payment mode is commonly called Full E-Payment System (Full EPS).
  • Manual insertion of CashCard into the Card Reader installed within Exit Station machine.

NETS is replacing existing readers with a new Unified Point of Sales (UPOS). Old readers (e.g. N200CMR/Combo/UCPT) will only be maintained on a “Best Effort Basis”. We are unable to provide a specific deadline when they will become obsolete.

Your Car Park payment will be affected if the Old readers become obsolete, or if your Old reader breaks down and is unable to be replaced quickly due to longer lead time from NETS.

If that happens AND should your Car Park not accept Full EPS Payment, your operations will be severely disrupted as motorists will not be able to make payment at the Exit.

Even if your Car Park is Full EPS, should one of your motorists have a faulty IU, an obsolete or faulty Card Reader (secondary payment mode) can cause hold-ups for traffic. This will easily cause customer complaints at high-volume Car Parks where smooth traffic flow is essential.

In order to help your Car Park continue to keep up with new payment modes and satisfy your customers (motorists), we propose to offer you our new Car Park stations equipped with the new NETS UPOS Reader.

Why upgrade?

  • Give your customers (motorists) better service with more payment options, with good value for money. UPOS can read NETS Card, CEPAS Card (useful if you don’t have CEPAS Reader now), MasterCard, VISA, plus more in the future. All for just $48+/month (subject to NETS prevailing charges). This is cheaper and better than the current subscription fee for Old Readers ($60+/month.)
  • Give your old, worn stations a revamp. UPOS reader is surface-mounted on the Car Park station front panel, giving the station a neat appearance. Unfortunately, due to capacity constraints, old stations can’t be upgraded with this new reader.

If you would like to request for product quotation, or have further questions about the matter, including the NETS letter, please fill in the form below.

We are happy to answer any inquiries you may have and will reply to you promptly.