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Electronics Parking System (EPS)

The EPS automates parking systems and helps mitigate thefts and losses, reducing operation costs.

  • Cashless parking system that use antenna to read IU(In-Vehicle unit) of vehicle.
  • Cashless payment Solution:
    • Cashcard: CEPAS, Flashpay
    • EZPAY
  • Ticketing (Barcode Ticket)
  • Member points redemption
    • Weilong member points system
    • 3rd party member points system

Parking Guidance System(PGS)

The PGS guides motorists to parking lots, and saves them time in navigating for parking locations especially useful in high-density urban areas.

  • Parking lot occupancy indicator (Green/Red light).
  • Parking space directional display.
  • Real time parking lots availability counting and display.

Video Parking Guidance System (VPGS)

  • Car enter carpark/exit carpark video clips.
  • Car park in/park out video clips.
  • Camera on top of parking lot.
  • Parking lot occupancy indicator (Green/Red light).
  • Real time parking lots availability counting and display.
  • Parking space directional display.
  • Parking lot reserve.

Payment Kiosk

Payment kiosks allow for 24-hour services (e.g. Payment of fines, wheel clamp, topping up of cards, renewal of season), improving the services’ efficency.

  • Parking fee payment: cashcard (CEPAS, Flashpay), credit card, mobile QR pay.
  • Find my car
  • Carpark information
  • Ticket redemption

Mobile APP – OurCar.SG

A carpark-related mobile application that available in IOS and Android.

  • Season Renewal
  • Hourly Payment
  • Ticket Redemption
  • Carpark Information
  • Payment History